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Một bộ trang phục, đồng phục phù hợp phải được kết hợp giữ 2 yếu tố đó là kiểu dáng và kích thước. Tuy nhiên cách chọn size đồng phục lại là vấn đề tương đối khó khăn với nhiều người, bởi không biết cách xác định size quần, size áo, size nón mũ, size tạp dề, size váy,.... theo bảng số đo các loại size theo quy chuẩn hiện nay. Size là gì? Các loại size theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế Size là độ lớn hoặc kích thước của một vật. Kích thước có thể được đo như chiều dài, chiều rộng, chiều cao, đường kính, chu vi, diện tích, khối lượng hoặc khối lượng. Trong kích cỡ quần áo, kích cỡ size áo thường đề cập đến kích thước nhãn được sử dụng cho hàng may mặc
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The size chart above is for reference only. Please contact the Uniform Expert for more accurate advice! Hotline: 1900 966 933 - 0909 15 12 90 or email:
Summary article
Summary article

A suitable outfit and uniform must be a combination of two factors that are style and size. However, choosing a uniform size is a relatively difficult problem for many people, because they do not know how to determine the size of pants, shirt size, hat size, apron size, skirt size, .... according to the measurement table. sizes according to current standards.

What is the size? Various sizes according to international standards
Size is the magnitude or size of an object. Dimensions can be measured as length, width, height, diameter, circumference, area, volume or volume.

In clothing sizing, shirt size generally refers to the label size used for garments that are sold off-the-shelf. Shirt sizing has a large number of standard sizing systems around the world for different types of garments, such as dresses, tops, skirts and pants.

Standard clothing sizes
According to international standards, the sizes of shirts and pants are shown with abbreviated letters and separate symbols. Besides, it is also divided into sizes from large to small (or from small to large) as follows:

Shirt size XXL = Extra Extra Large = Very very large: Also known as shirt size 2XL or shirt size XXL. This is a very big shirt size and also the largest shirt size

What is XL size shirt = Extra Large = Very Large: It is a very large size

Shirt size L = Large = Large: It is a large size shirt

Shirt size M – Medium = Medium: It is a shirt size with medium size

Shirt size S – Small = Small: It is a small size shirt

Shirt size XS – Extra Small = Very small: It is a shirt size with a very small size

Shirt size XXS – Extra Extra Small = Very very small: It is a very very small size and also the smallest shirt size

However, Vietnamese (Asian) people are inherently small in stature, which is quite different from Westerners (European), so when applied, there will be certain differences and adjustments in shirt size:

US shirt size: 5 – 5 1/2 – 6 – 6 1/2 – 7 – 7 1/2 – 8 – 8 1/2 – 9 – 9 1/2 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13

EU shirt size: 35 - 35.5 - 36 - 36.5 - 37 - 37.5 - 38 - 38.5 - 39,….

JP shirt size: In centimeters: 23.5 – 24 – 24.5

Here are some ways to view, estimate, calculate, measure the size of T-shirts and shirts, trousers, skirts, doctor's blouses, kitchen shirts, workwear (BHLD),..... for male/female

A little tip before you start, you can check your lap measurements first, by taking your lap measurements as follows:

Measure the necklace by wrapping a tape measure around your neck and inserting an extra finger.

Measure your bust by wrapping a tape measure around the largest area of your bust.

Measure your waist circumference by wrapping a tape measure around the largest area of your abdomen.

Asian / European standard uniform size chart (by height & weight)
Uniforms are clothes used daily in the process of working and playing. Therefore, they need to ensure both integrity and aesthetics. Let's find out the standard uniform size chart with the Uniform Specialist to choose such uniform clothes.

Size chart for company uniforms (T-shirts)
How to choose men's t-shirt size, how to measure t-shirt size, baby t-shirt size, ... there are different regulations on measurements. Therefore, when sewing a t-shirt, you need to keep a few things in mind:

- Standard men's T-shirt size chart
For male customers, when sewing men's T-shirt uniforms, there will usually be 5 sizes of men's T-shirts: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Usually, there will be a size chart for men's alligator t-shirts, how to measure men's t-shirt sizes, and a wide format men's t-shirt size chart according to international standards. For some countries with smaller bodies, the size chart will be balanced for each country. Men's T-shirt size conversion table:

Size S: Waist/bust circumference - shirt length - shoulder length: 48-68-41cm.

Size M: Waist/bust circumference - shirt length - shoulder length 50-69-42cm.

Size L: Waist/bust - shirt length - shoulder length: 53-69-44cm.

Size XL: Waist/bust - shirt length - shoulder length: 56-73-46cm.

Men's big size T-shirt size XXL: Waist/chest - shirt length - shoulder length: 59-75-48cm.

- Standard women's t-shirt size chart
Similar to the men's polo t-shirt size chart, the women's t-shirt size chart is classified from size S to XXL. T-shirt size conversion table:

Size S: Waist/bust - shirt length - shoulder length: 41-59-35cm.

Size M: Waist/bust - shirt length - shoulder length: 43-60-36cm.

Size L: Waist/bust circumference - shirt length - shoulder length: 45-62-37cm.

Size XL: waist/bust - shirt length - shoulder length: 47-64-38cm.

Big size T-shirt for women size XXL: Waist/bust - shirt length - shoulder length: 49-66-39cm.

- Size chart for children's t-shirts (baby)
The size chart of children's t-shirts (baby) is usually denoted by numbers from 1 to 15 years old. Instead of the size in words like the adult size chart, the large size girls' t-shirts and large size boys' t-shirts are divided into many sizes to suit the growth in height and weight of this age group.

- Size chart for unisex form uniform for men and women
Unisex form uniform for men and women is one of the most popular costumes of the GenZ generation. For this uniform, the wide t-shirt size chart is designed with the same size. Customers will base on the size of the shirt to choose the size chart that suits their personal style

- US T-shirt size chart by weight and height
You always wonder what size t-shirt to wear at 55kg? 65kg wear what size T-shirt? 80kg what size T-shirt to wear? Crocodile t-shirt size chart by weight and height is an accurate and commonly applied method today. Usually, every customer knows their height and weight. Therefore, they only need to compare with the standard size table to be able to choose the size chart of men's T-shirts, how to choose the appropriate size of T-shirts.

- Asian t-shirt size chart
According to the habit of Asians, they often choose the size chart of uniform t-shirts, the size chart of T-shirts based on weight, height or body shape of each person.

- European t-shirt size chart
Contrary to the Asian size chart, the European size t-shirt size parameters are calculated according to the size of the neckline, bust, and belly... of both men and women. In addition, they are based on European body measurements so they are large in size. Therefore, you will see the hades t-shirt size chart, the hard mode t-shirt size chart, the heyyou t-shirt size chart, the levents t-shirt size chart, the women's levi's t-shirt size chart,... have a larger size than the t-shirt. elastic is sold in Vietnam market.

- Vietnam standard t-shirt size chart
In Vietnam, garment factories will take Vietnamese measurement standards to tailor their t-shirt products. However, if the t-shirt size is used for export, it will be taken according to the international size. Accordingly, on the T-shirt label, there will be sizes from XXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL for you to choose from.

Shirt size chart
Usually, when ordering uniform shirts, customers often come directly to try on. If they don't have time, they will have to know the measurements of each shirt size chart, from there, choose the most suitable size:

- Standard men's shirt size chart
How to choose a standard men's shirt size is usually based on body measurements to determine. Therefore, you need to know the measurements of your shoulders, bust, waist, buttocks, hands, .. to find the most suitable measurements. Specifically:

Size S: Neckline - waist circumference - bust respectively: 38-69-81.

Size M: Neckline - waist circumference - bust are respectively: 40-78-91.

Size L: Neckline - waist circumference - bust respectively: 42-83-106.

Size XL: Neckline - waist circumference - bust respectively: 44-90-117-.

- Standard women's shirt size chart
Currently, the women's shirt size chart is usually based on international standards. However, each customer will have different sizes. So, you need to give the standard body size to receive the right advice.

- Children's shirt size chart (baby)
Choosing the right size of children's shirt (baby) will make it easier for children to operate and have fun. Parents need to know the baby's measurements, especially height and weight. This will help you choose the best one for your baby.

- Shirt size chart by weight and height
Shirt size chart by weight, height is usually denoted by letters and numbers. The meaning of each size is as follows:

Size XS: For people with weight from 45-50kg, height from 1m55-1m60.

Size S: For people with weight from 50-55kg, height from 1m60-1m65.

Size M: For people with weight from 55-65kg, height from 1m65-1m70.

Size L: For people with weight from 65-70kg, height from 1m70-1m75.

Size XL: For people with weight from 70-80kg, height from 1m75-1m80.

Size XXL: For people with weight from 80-90kg, height from 1m80-1m85.

- International shirt size chart
The standard international shirt size chart will be larger than the Asian shirt. They will base on the parameters of the necklace, bust, and waist to choose the size from size 38 to 43 accordingly. Some commonly selected size charts are shirt size 37, shirt size 46, shirt size 48.

- Vietnam standard shirt size chart
In general, the body of Vietnamese people will be smaller than Western countries. Therefore, the table parameters are often smaller than Westerners. So depending on the geographical area, the way to calculate the standard Vietnamese shirt size will have the biggest difference.

Besides, the Uniform Specialist will also guide you on how to choose the size of clothes according to your weight, body type, ... all kinds of uniforms such as: uniform t-shirts, office uniforms, security uniforms. working households, hotel restaurant uniforms, school uniforms, medical uniforms, etc. With many suggestions, it will help you choose the most suitable and suitable uniform size!

Hope the above sharing has helped you find the standard Asian/European uniform size (according to height & weight). If you have any questions about the uniform size, please contact the Uniform Specialist for assistance.

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