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Summary article
Summary article

The price list for the company's staff uniforms is what customers are most interested in when ordering uniforms. Product quality must match the price to save money for companies and businesses. For details on the price of uniforms, please refer to the following article of Uniform Specialist.

Quotation for uniforms (T-shirts) of company employees
T-shirts (T-shirts) of the company's employees are designed with the same design for all employees to create uniformity. T-shirt uniform fabric, quantity ordered, ... is the decisive factor to the price list of uniforms, the price list of company uniforms.

Price list of uniforms for office workers
Based on the customer's gender, when sewing office uniforms will include:

Price of uniform shirts for men
Uniform Specialist is currently the best men's shirt factory in the market. We have on-site raw materials, self-contained and self-contained production process, so we bring you the cheapest price list of uniform shirts and shirt uniforms for men.

Price of uniform shirts for women
For women's uniform shirts, there are often more requirements for sophisticated designs to match women. Therefore, the price list for sewing office uniforms for women will usually be higher.


Price list of labor protection clothing (labor protection) for workers
The material of protective clothing for workers is the most important factor when sewing uniforms. They need to meet the criteria to avoid dust, have good absorbency, etc. Therefore, the cost of labor protection clothing (workwear) often depends largely on the fabric material.

Quotation for school uniforms
Depending on the age to sew school and student uniforms, the Uniform Specialist will provide customers with different prices:

Prices of clothes and uniforms for elementary school students
Uniforms for elementary school students are designed in a variety of designs, designs and colors. Each garment factory is based on each customer's requirements to provide a price list for sewing school uniforms, suitable prices for preschool uniforms.

Price of school uniforms for elementary, middle and high school students
School uniforms for elementary, middle and high school students are often ordered in large quantities. Therefore, the price list of primary school uniforms, the price of secondary school uniforms, and the price of high school uniforms at units often have a high discount for this sewing need. Therefore, you should check the number of uniforms in advance to get the best price list for class uniforms.

Prices of college & university student uniforms
Are you looking for price list of tdc uniform, price of tdtu uniform, price of ueh gym uniform, price of Ton Duc Thang uniform, ..? Each type of university and college student uniform will have different methods of printing and embroidering specific logos, so the price of the required uniform is also different.

Price list of protective uniforms
Protective uniforms are usually tailored according to the height and weight of each individual. Protective uniforms with the right size will help security guards feel comfortable when working. For sizes that are too large, some uniform factories will quote prices for protective uniforms, and prices for protective uniforms fluctuate in price.

Quotation for kitchen uniforms
Prestigious kitchen uniform sewing workshop is an important criterion that directly affects the quotation of chef uniforms. Accordingly, the larger the garment factories, with modern and prestigious technology, will know how to cut and limit unnecessary costs. From there, effectively reduce the cost of sewing kitchen uniforms.

Price of uniform jacket
ahamove uniform price list, baemin uniform price list, bee uniform price list, gojek uniform price list, grab uniform price list, now uniform price list, .. usually the uniform windbreaker price list because they help protect employees from environmental influences. The quality of uniform jackets at Uniform Specialist's sewing factory is always guaranteed at every design stage, without intermediaries. Therefore, we are committed to bringing the most competitive price of uniform jackets in the market.

Price of work uniforms
Worker uniforms are usually classified by industry. So, is there a difference in the price list of workers' uniforms for each individual industry?

Price of construction worker uniforms
To know the exact price of construction worker uniforms should be based on the fabric of the garment. Construction worker uniforms are also sewn for many different working environments, so the fabric and price of the company uniform will be flexibly changed to suit.

Electrician uniform price
The electrician uniform supply market has a wide variety of uniforms with low prices for electrician uniforms. medium to high. Usually, for each fabric requirement, the number of garments that have a change when providing a price list.

Price of uniform polo shirt
Uniform polo shirts often have a design that is not too similar. Customers who sew this uniform often add details on the shirt, so the price list for the draft uniform, the price list for the vinschool uniform, .. will have a difference. For example, a shirt with a neckline and sleeve pattern will be different from a regular pre-made plain polo shirt.
Prices of cafe uniforms
The selection of a brand for sewing cafe uniforms is a factor that affects the price list of cafe uniforms. Cafe owners, when looking for uniform quote sample factories, need a unit that has a variety, good quality and many service packages with different prices to choose from.

Quotation for restaurant and hotel uniforms
When sewing restaurant uniforms, the hotel needs to have a specific sewing plan to avoid sewing close to the peak time. With urgent sewing requests, at peak times, prices for restaurant uniforms and staff uniforms will often be higher than normal days.
Price of spa uniforms
The spa uniform designs at Uniform Specialist are always highly appreciated by customers. Good quality, high-class uniforms and the price of spa uniforms that are always cheaper than the market are outstanding advantages here.
Quote medical uniforms
When sewing hospital and medical uniforms, customers often require different methods of printing and embroidering logos. This has a great influence on the price list of medical uniforms, the price of doctors' uniforms, ... If using modern computer embroidery technology, the cost will have a higher price for printing uniforms than other types of embroidery. regular logos.
Price list of gym uniforms
The price of sports uniforms for pupils, students, and people who are active in sports may vary by processing costs. For the requirements on printing details, the design on the uniform that is too sophisticated will be considered with a higher price than the usual uniforms.
Above is a sample price quote for uniforms of Uniform Experts for all types of uniforms available on the market. Hope to have helped customers to behave, plan for the cost when sewing uniforms for the company.

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