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Như chúng ta đã biết, khi may đồng phục yếu tố đầu tiên cần lưu ý chính là sử dụng chất liệu nào. Chất liệu đó có tạo được cảm giác thoải mái. Chất liệu có phù hợp với công việc phù hợp với đối tượng hay không. Chính vì vậy, Chuyên Gia Đồng Phục sẽ đưa đến cho bạn 2 lưu ý khi chọn vải may đồng phục & sau đó sẽ hướng dẫn bạn chọn 4 TIPS chọn màu vải, chọn size, chọn kiểu đồng phục, chọn hình thức in thêu logo nhé!. Đặc điểm các loại vải may đồng phục: Có rất nhiều loại vải may đồng phục. Mỗi loại vải sẽ phục vụ cho nhu cầu may mẫu thiết kế khác nhau. Đây là 5 loại vải thông dụng nhất kèm theo những đặc điểm riêng biệt. Vải kaki: Có độ cứng và dày hơn so với các chất liệu khác. Vải kaki có hai loại chính là thun co giãn và không
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Summary article
Summary article

As we all know, when sewing uniforms, the first factor to note is what material to use. The material feels comfortable. Whether the material is suitable for the job or not. Therefore, Uniform Specialist will give you 2 notes when choosing uniform fabric & then guide you to choose 4 TIPS to choose fabric color, choose size, choose uniform style, choose logo embroidery printing form. Please!.

Features of uniform fabrics:

There are many types of uniform fabrics. Each type of fabric will cater to different design needs. These are the 5 most commonly used fabrics with their own distinctive features.

Khaki fabric: Harder and thicker than other materials. There are two main types of khaki fabric, elastic and non-stretch. Features are less wrinkles, easy to wash, cool to wear, good color retention. However, this fabric is very absorbent. Khaki fabric is often used to sew workwear, clothes - aprons - kitchen hats - kitchen utensils, trousers,....

Kate fabric: It is a blend of cotton and polyester fibers. This is a very popular fabric because of its soft, smooth, easy-to-wash and absorbent fabric, suitable for those who work in a position that has to be moved frequently. Often used to sew uniform shirts for receptionists, managers, office workers,....

Kate has three popular types: silk kate, Italian kate and American kate. Due to the different composition of textile fibers, kate silk fabrics are cheaper. But in return the fabric is prone to wrinkles and ruffles, for some bold colors may be out of color. As for Italian kate and American kate, they are more advanced, the fabric is thicker, the color is not faded, and it is cool to wear. With this advantage, of course, the price is also higher.

Snow and rain fabric: Often used to sew women's trousers, spa uniforms, room uniforms, skirts, ....

Elastic fabric: Soft fabric and good sweat absorption, comfortable to wear. Cotton fabric brings a polite, professional look. Depending on how the t-shirt is coordinated, it also shows the dynamism of personality. Cotton fabric is the most commonly used fabric in uniforms. Not only sewing uniforms, but normally elastic fabric is also most commonly used in the garment industry.

Depending on the composition, there are many different types of elastic fabric: crocodile spandex fabric, tixi spandex fabric, spandex fabric, sesame elastic fabric, Thai poly spandex fabric, shark spandex fabric, cotton spandex fabric, cold spandex fabric, fabric cold poly spandex fabric, construction spandex fabric, etc.

How to choose the right fabric for the working environment:

With a sultry and hot working environment, we should choose thin fabrics, good sweat absorption such as cotton fabric, kate fabric, ....

In places with high humidity and cold, it is best to choose wool and silk fabrics because of their ability to keep warm very well and absorb moisture.

With workplaces such as coal furnaces, steelmaking…. Or frozen ovens often choose khaki fabric to protect themselves, in addition to wearing uniforms with suitable fabrics, it is necessary to wear labor protection for better insulation.

After choosing the fabric for the uniform, the Uniform Specialist will guide you to choose the right fabric color to sew the uniform!

Sewing shirt uniforms: mainly white, black, light blue, volunteer green, light purple, and some plaid fabrics such as blue stripes, green stripes.

Sewing vest uniforms: black, dark blue, blue, za blue, teal, urban ...

Sewing protective uniforms: usually dark blue, blue, gray, brown.

In order to have beautiful corporate uniforms and really make an impression, the choice of color plays an important role. Color is the factor that makes the first impression and is the factor that helps customers recall your brand most sustainably. Colors are very diverse, currently depending on the fabric, there are 10-24 basic colors. Each color has certain symbolic meanings and you should learn about those meanings before choosing a color for your business uniform. It can be said that choosing a uniform color is the first step to study when preparing to design a shirt.

04 main principles when choosing uniform clothes color:

Choose uniform colors according to brand colors:

This is probably the most applied way because usually business owners want customers to see their uniforms immediately to remember their company. Another important point is that it's really weird if your branding color is purple and your uniform is yellow. You may notice that many corporations, companies, and banks use uniforms of the same color as the brand color. Typically, KFC, Dai Ichi Life are bright red, Vietcombank and Satra Food are green, Vietinbank and Coopmart are blue.

Choose uniform color according to professional characteristics:

This is the second most commonly applied factor, it is easy to understand that every job has its own character and clothing for some occupations requires a special color. If the subject uses the uniform to do office work at the office, the office should choose light, bright and elegant colors such as light gray, turquoise, blue, milky white. On the contrary, you should choose dark or bold colors such as brown, gray, black, dark green, orange, red for the staff who work on the construction site and often have to move or operate. Because the color of the uniform clothes is bold, it will limit the highlighting of the stains on the uniform when working and draw attention to help avoid collision accidents. Pink, light purple, purple, and blue are colors often chosen by spas or beauty salons.

Choose uniform color according to feng shui:

When you order company uniforms, choosing colors is one of the steps to take when coming up with design ideas. If you choose a color according to feng shui, then you should also take into account the factors that balance yin and yang, the five elements, and the opposite when choosing colors on your uniform.

The colors in feng shui when choosing a uniform design are as follows: White corresponds to the element Kim, green corresponds to the element Wood, black corresponds to the element Water, red corresponds to the element Fire, and yellow corresponds to the planet Earth. As for the elements in the future, they can be combined on a background such as black and green, green and red, red and yellow, yellow and white, white and black. When mixing 3 colors, it is possible to apply Kim - Thuy - Moc (white - black - green), Moc - Fire - Tho (green - red - yellow), Tho - Metal - Thuy (yellow - white - black).


The selection of colors according to feng shui in sewing uniforms, can be selected according to the par, the year of birth of the business owner or the legal representative. If you are a person, you can follow some principles such as:

For those with the Kim par: Those with the Kim par are corresponding to those born in the year of: Nham Than - 1932, Quy Dau - 1933, Canh Thin - 1940, Tan Ty - 1941, Giap Ngo - 1954, At Mui - 1955, Nham Dan - 1962, Quy Mao - 1963, Canh Tuat - 1970, Tan Hoi - 1971, Giap Ty - 1984, At Suu - 1985; Corporate uniforms of business owners with par Kim will match colors such as bright yellow, bright white and metallic colors. Yellow belongs to the Earth element, according to the theory of mutual birth, Earth gives birth to Kim, so yellow will be suitable as the color of destiny. However, for those who are destined for Kim, they should also avoid colors such as pink and red, because these two colors correspond to the Fire element, and Fire will engrave Kim. The selection of uniform clothes can be sewn as the main color of yellow, combined with the color scheme at the edges of iridescent colors.


For the people of the Moc par: Age of the people with the Moc par: Nham Ngo – 1942, Quy Mui – 1943, Canh Dan – 1950, Tan Mao – 1951, Mau Tuat – 1958, Ky Hoi – 1959, Nham Ty – 1972, Quy Ox - 1973, Canh Than - 1980, Tan Dau - 1981, Mau Thin - 1988, Ky Ty - 1989. When choosing clothes for uniforms that are suitable and compatible with the business owners of the Moc par, you should pay attention to the selection. the colors blue, green or black, blue-black. Black and dark blue represent the element of Water, Aquatic Wood. However, it is not recommended to choose fabrics or mix fabrics for uniforms with colors such as white, white represents the Kim element, Kim et Moc. Therefore, for business owners with the age of Moc, you can choose the main color of the uniform is jet black or dark blue, blue, green. Avoid bright white or white colors on the shirt background.

For those of the Water parity: Age of the people with the Water parity: Binh Ty - 1936, Dinh Suu - 1937, Giap Than - 1944, At Dau - 1945, Nham Thin - 1952, Quy Ty - 1953, Binh Ngo - 1966, Dinh Mui – 1967, Giap Dan – 1974, At Mao – 1975, Nham Tuat – 1982, Quy Hoi – 1983. For the company owners with the Moc par, you can choose black, dark blue, white. However, avoid colors such as yellow or earthy yellow because they belong to the Earth element, Tho et Thuy. When sewing uniforms, it is recommended to choose the main colors of black, blue, or white fabrics or mix colors according to the 6-3-1 rule, avoiding yellow colors on the background of clothes.


For the people of the Fire par: Those of the Hoa par have the corresponding ages: Giap Tuat - 1934, At Hoi - 1935, Mau Ty - 1948, Ky Ox - 1949, Binh Than - 1956, Dinh Dau - 1957, Giap Thin - 1964 , At Ty - 1965, Mau Ngo - 1978, Ky Mui - 1979, Binh Dan - 1986, Dinh Mao - 1987. When choosing colors according to feng shui for ordering uniforms, the main color of the clothes should be are red or purple, or blue. But should avoid black colors, belonging to the element of Water, Water and Fire. You can mix purple, red, and blue colors on the background of your uniform to give a variety of designs to choose from.


For those with the Tho par: Age of the people par Tho: Mau Dan - 1938, Ky Mao - 1939, Binh Tuat - 1946, Dinh Hoi - 1947, Canh Ty - 1960, Tan Suu - 1961, Mau Than - 1968, Ky Dau – 1969, Binh Thin – 1976, Dinh Ty – 1977, Canh Ngo – 1990. When the business owner is a person with the destiny of Tho, the color of mutuality when choosing a uniform to bring a lot of luck will be red, pink or brown. , orange yellow, earthy yellow or yellow. However, avoid choosing the main background color is blue, because it belongs to the element of Wood carving Earth.


The principle of white color coordination on uniforms also has many different choices. However, you also do not choose too many colors that cause eye trouble, at most, only choose 3 primary colors, one main color and two auxiliary colors. The clever and subtle color scheme will produce unique and classy uniforms. This depends on the designer. Therefore, you need to choose reputable garment factory companies that have skilled and qualified designers, they will advise you with useful information and create products that match your requirements.

Choose the color of the uniform fabric according to the meaning:

This is the 4th most popular way, choosing colors according to the meaning to make uniforms is often applied by many businesses:

– Red: Symbolizes strength, excitement and enthusiasm

– Blue: Color of trust and volunteering

– Green: Reminiscent of youth, cheerfulness and vivacity

– Bright yellow: Warmth, fun and creativity

– Purple: The color of romance and magic

– Pink: Represents dreaminess and youth

– Brown: Warmth and calmness

– Black: Always bold, luxurious and hidden

– White: Bringing out the pure and simple beauty


In addition to the basic colors, when sewing company uniforms, you can order fabric dyeing according to Patone color if the quantity ordered is from 300 to 500 pieces. With 04 main rules shared in the article, Uniform Specialist hopes that you will easily make the decision to choose the most suitable color for your uniform. You can refer to the basic fabric color chart below.

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